Normally I’m not one for formalities such introductions, manners or hygiene. Still, hello there! I’m glad I can meet you, especially since we have never met before.  However you will know me by the words right here, and you may see we are both searching for something. You and just about anyone else on this planet. I hope I’m  not screwing up the introduction, the entire world could be watching. I’m sure I’ll do alright. Anyways, I welcome you.

As you may have guessed, I’m all about searching. Searching for what? I’m not sure, but I’ll know it when I see it.  I’m going to be exploring life for a while, delving into the supernatural, metaphysical and whatever else I feel like. Mainly I’ll be looking into the whole be happy in life thing, and the truth behind that.  Some people say it’s possible, some people look happy with what they’re doing. After all, there really seems like there’s a lot to life.  I wish to explore. Well that’s a lie. I wish to learn,it’s just usually done as exploring. Any how let me tell you a little story.


Story time!

Once upon a time, because it just happened as randomly as everything else. It was after the big bang, more around in a time of people.  There came around a little thing, and it wasn’t going to become much larger.  The world was huge, and it was small.

It tried it’s best. It had a home, a family, a job, all that fun stuff. And yet, despite all these good things, something was still missing. It had to keep on searching. Searching for the truth behind everything. It wanted to know what it was, what the world was. All it knew at first, was that the world was huge, and it was small.

Then it died.


Then it got up. And decided to keep searching.





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